Where diagnostics meets nanotechnology

NanoDx is a niche healthcare R&D start-up that strives to develop rapid and cost-effective point-of-care technologies

We are committed to developing technologies to diagnose diseases, assess severity, guide best clinical practices and design novel therapeutics to improve patient outcomes. We provide novel end-to-end solutions from concept to design to pre-commercial product development in all sectors of health and diseases.

The first flagship product of the company is Septiflo, an ultrafast assay to measure and stratify bloodstream bacterial infections from a drop of patient’s blood under 10 min, allowing early diagnosis and management of sepsis. Several other projects are in the pipeline.


BIRAC-NESTA Longitude Discovery awards

IMPRINT Indian Initiative

We would also like to acknowledge the monetary support received from DST-Nanomission, BIRAC through BIG grant, and BIRAC-SRISTI in the form of Gandhian Young Technology Innovation award to support the basic research required to accelerate the technology and innovation framework of our company. These grants were received by the founders and their collaborators in their individual capacity as part of their respective parent institutions. 

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